About us

We are an immigrant family who became from Brazil to South California, Newport Beach. In this great piece of earth we found a nice place to have a better chance to see our kids grow up and found a great opportunities in their lives. As a long line of other immigration in family, we are a new generation who take a ginormous decision to leave our country and try a new culture. With roots that came from a various countries of Europe such as Italy, Portugal, Germany, French and also Brazil, we bring in our baggage all of those cultures and setup ourselves as an open to learn new way of life. With these goals in mind we are blessed with a great surprise to be a fresh restart with a newborn American baby. After all of these amazing achievements we decide to go forward with a old goal, which is pursuit for years and now here it’s!



Oia California is an idea what happened when mom decide to create a brand to sell her craftwork. It began as just Oia with means “look” it is a common daily Brazilian expression to get attention for something. Dead suggest this because it’s a small and powerful word and take attention for moms works! Well done, that’s how Oia’s born! But when we arrived here oia found a new meaning and switched to our impressions of awesome California, this are our greetings from the place which received us and took as a part of.

We don’t believe in nationalism as an answer of big problems such as less job, or lower wages, high taxation, high rent, whatever. We believe we are part of humanity and we deserve to leave wherever we want. Our history was made by immigration, by immigrants! Since the first men leave Africa continent we spread around the world and just in the few years ago in the human history some men created this barriers and now they try to build walls. It is a very blindness since humans are just a small part of nature which involve all in the biosphere and countries are nothing but a small political illusion to make us slaves of their system. We don’t want break down the gears of capitalism, but with needs to be more equally and provide more opportunity for all humans. That’s what oia wants to fight for, to keep minds open to see new horizons for keep nature healthy. In the last 100 years we did a such big efforts to destroy and took all we could to have a better life as possible, doesn’t matter how it affects others, since we have what we need in our homes, world is good, but now we are in the end of those days, probably not because we got some conscious, but because the planet doesn’t support it. So, here we are in the boundaries of the future that we’ll leave to next generation.